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ComicFuel was a podcast started on May 14, 2016 by leader, and teacher, Patrick Yurick. he podcast is a Q&A show with questions supplied from students within the "How To Make A Comic Book" MOOC on Coursera (which has over 27,000 enrolled students from all over the world). The show sometimes includes inspirational audio clips referred to as “AudioFuel”.

As defined within the first episode of the course, Comic Fuel is defined as:

Any kind of inspirational piece of wisdom that directly results in the encouragement of artistry. Aka - psychological fuel, like coffee, designed to conquer your demons and keep going.

Yurick originally started Comic Fuel as a hashtag used on Twitter & Facebook to group inspirational quotes and ideas. The concept and reasoning behind this was written about by Yurick on The Comic Fuel podcast was created in April, 2016 as a reaction to the growing popularity of the "How To Make A Comic Book" MOOC on Coursera. The first episode was released on May 14, 2016.

Why does the show need a wiki?

Due to the growing assortment of questions that are being asked and answered on the show, it seemed necessary to create a wiki space that users could easily search and find answers to their questions within the show.

  • Go straight to our listing of all questions ever asked on the show to jump straight to the answer you are looking for.

What is the How To Make A Comic Book MOOC?

The HMCB (How to Make a Comic Book) MOOC (massive open online course) is a project centered course designed by Patrick Yurick as a collaboration between the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and Coursera. The HMCB MOOC was launched on February 15th, 2016. As of May 23rd, 2016 the course has had over 6,000 registered students from all over the world. The course is on-demand in design, meaning that it runs automatically for users to join in at any given date. The course also employs auto-cohorting which groups users together based on the time they would like to register for the course.

The course is targeted towards those, of all-ages (13+), who have never made a comic book before. It is also targeted to k-12 teachers who would like to make a comic book with their students in a cost effective manner.

What is Audio Fuel?

During each episode of the show there will be audio snippets gathered from various recordings that serve to act as Comic Fuel in and of themselves. All Audio Fuel is used under Creative Commons license. Though the clips are cut down to about 3-5 minutes, they are usually a part of a longer interview or presentation. To see a listing of all Audio Fuel used within the Comic Fuel podcast go to the Audio Fuel wiki page.

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