Audio Fuel

Below is all the audio fuel used on the Comic Fuel podcast. If you just want to listen to a specific segment of the audio recording go to the show notes.


Every episode of Comic Fuel features music from a single artist by the name of Dr. Turtle. He is amazing.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Instructions For Contribution

I need some help to find clips of audio fuel. Here are the requirements for the clips that I need:

An example of something that would work was last week's Josh Radnor clip where he discusses art, film, TV, happiness, and knocking heads with the Dalai Lama. The clip is from a podcast series called "Employee of the Month". On their soundcloud, in the episode show notes, this particular episode was listed for modification under Creative Commons License. Not all of their episodes are, so you need to look, but this one is. I'd also be open to using a clip from an audio book. There are audio books that are in the public domain over at LibriVox. You can also find clips in the Internet Archive.

Once you've found a clip of audio that meets the requirements above:

  • Email me at moc.scimocgnikam|yp#moc.scimocgnikam|yp
  • Subject line: "Audio Fuel"
  • Message needs to include:
    • A link or documentation of its public domain or creative commons information.
    • An attachment or link to the clip of audio. If you are linking to an hour long show make sure that you also include the start and end times of the clip (e.g. "1:20:00 - 1:26:00" is the one hour twenty minute mark into the clip ending at the one hour twenty six mark).
    • If you can help with this, even once, it'll be a giant help to me. I'd like to even expand and transcribe the audio clips on the "Audio Fuel" wiki page.
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