How do I get better at inking with depth?

Michael, Poland: I have a problem with shading: in comics, I would like to use the - let's call it Albrecht Durer woodcut-like method of making dots, dashes, curves or straight lines - with their interaction with color - to render different degree of light and shade, and at the same time transmitting a powerful message about the volume and texture of an object. But I get lost and I am desperately looking for guidelines. Thank you a lot in advance for any kind piece of advice!

Topic: Creating Depth
Answered: Yes
Episode: 4
Time mark: (00:12:50)
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  • Woodcuts definition
  • 3d makerbot
  • Ted Washington
  • Do lots of texture exercises
  • Commit to one per project
    • Do outlines/contours first, scan, and print out several copies of the page trying different line techniques
    • Another option is not not even do line work at all

Its an older style of creating line art

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