Episode 5

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All questions ever asked and answered on Comic Fuel: All Questions, Ever.

(00:00:00) Alan Watts on Play & Work

Desaturated from original video “Why Your Life Is Not A Journey” by David Lindberg featuring Alan Watts.

  • Sleeping at Last - Saturn
  • Sleeping at Last - Uranus

(00:03:20) Introduction To Show

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(00:13:20) Question 1 - Female Comic Creators

K.M. Mosley from Mississippi, USA: How do you feel about the more female led/female created comics and graphic novels coming out? Do you feel like comics is becoming less and less like a, 'boys only' club as time goes on? How do you feel about people who feel like that it is a bad thing?


(00:46:20) AudioFuel - Maya Angelou

Desaturated from Maya Angelou’s reading of “And I Still Rise” video on Youtube from her book of the same name, “And I Still Rise”.

(00:50:00) Question 2 - Tension & Resolution

Lâlé from Istanbul: How do you organize a comic story pages related to create a tension and how to resolve it?


  • Alan Moore’s - Writing Comics
  • Calvin & Hobbes
  • Tapastic & Webtoons
  • Stephen McCranie Space Boy
  • Hipster Picnic
  • Shanara
  • Film
  • The heart of a story (relationships) - closure
  • The unwanted

(01:02:00) Question 3 - Character Driven Storytelling

Gustavo from Bucaramanga, Colombia: First, thanks for answered my last question, It helped me a lot. Now, I wonder if you can create places similar to how characters are created, providing them with personality. I think it is possible, but I could not say how. Do you have any thought about it?

Remember that NPCs are forms of expression of the world.
Whatever the world is, it’s systemic
Scanner Darkly

(01:19:00) Question 3.5 - Scenarios

Gustavo from Bucaramanga, Colombia: How I can choose the most appropriate scenarios for a story? Is there a principle we can follow? And, is there a way to give personality to these scenarios, as if they were characters?


  • A person goes on a journey/A stranger comes to town.

Relationships and the statements they make about people are the core of what makes a story impactful.
Seven Basic Plots - Christopher Booker

(01:27:40) AudioFuel - Morgan Freeman

Desaturated from original interview of Morgan Freeman on the Charlie Rose show reciting Invictus poem by William Ernest Henley.

(01:30:40) Question 4 - Drawing As A Writer

Chuck from Sedro Woolley, WA: How do you start drawing when you consider yourself more of a writer? Where do you begin? I want to improve, but I just don't know how to start.

  • MakingComics.com and Pinterest are your friend.

Don’t skip steps - script, then thumbnail, then draw
Start with small projects. If you want to tell a big story, start with small, contained issues, and build forward from there.

(01:48:30) AudioFuel - Alan Watts on the State Of Nothing

Desaturated from original talk on "The State of Nothingness" by Alan Watts. Transcribed version of talk available here

(01:59:20) Question 5 - Onomatopoeias

Jolien from Belgium: How does a cartoonist know which sounds he needs to write in his comic? Sounds like 'bang' or 'boom' when a character let something drop on the floor.

(02:05:20) Question 6 - Short & Sweet

Arvind from Jaipur, India:I am worrying about the lengthy prep of making comic book. How to make it short and sweet?

  • Small projects. Economy of storytelling. Figure out what you are saying and then say it as concisely as possible.
  • Tropes

(02:13:00) Show Outro

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