Episode 6

Question: Self-Doubt

John J (tamaracklane.com): Do all comic creators go through crippling bouts of self-doubt? How do you pull yourself out of that nose dive?

Question (not aired) Anatomy

Kurnard (pronounced like Bernard with a K) from Memphis, TN: What books or materials would you recommend to learn for both writing comics (scrips, storylines etc,) and for drawing (anatomy, landscape etc.)

Marcus from Connecticut: how in depth should i study the human body to sketch in a comic book style effectively?

Question (not aired) Shed Some Light On Your Project

Muhammad: How can i enlighten my comic once it is done?

Question (not aired) Building A Scene

Akshay (said: Uk-shay) from India: Is there any way for non-traditional/popular comics like the ones folks like me make in India, to garner awareness with the more mainstream audience in the West? Manga has already found a following but they are old and unique while ours are literally starting ground-up so are still very experimental - but lacking loads of cash to buy a way in, what can we do?

Question: Managing Multiple Projects

Tayná Milléo or as I'm known on facebook on my fanpage: Tayriel19) from South of Brazil: How to hold several personal comics projects that have a deadline without mixing stories? (I am with several personal comic book projects that I'm doing for college and they all have deadlines, how do I deal with it?)

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