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(1:04:40) Question 8: Hosting a Comic Online

Question 8 from Julia, California: What websites are best for starting to post a webcomic?

Topic: Hosting Comics Online
Answered: Yes
Episode: Episode 2
Time mark: 1:04:40
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There are 3 things you need to consider before hosting your webcomic online:

  • Are you ok with the paradigm of webcomic distribution? (Giving your art away for free).
  • Are you ok with, or desiring to learn how to, work with website development? (Does the word "code" send you into a regular or catatonic panic?)
  • How much ownership/authority do you want over the design/presentation of your webcomic?

Things you may want to consider before deciding to build a webcomic

  • Consider not making a webcomic
  • Think about creating and showing sneak peeks to your friends through social media instead of spending time developing a website. Whatever makes it easiest.
  • Publishers, understandably, have mixed feelings about webcomics and monetary gains through them (once printed, print rights are tricky).

Webcomics are awesome. They kind of fall into 2 different camps
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