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All questions ever asked and answered on Comic Fuel: All Questions, Ever.

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Show Notes

(00:00) Show Opener

Welcome to “comic fuel” a podcast that is part of the gutter talk podcast network. My name is Patrick Yurick and, together, we are going to be searching for the answers that surround art, comic book creation, and the pursuit of living in artist harmony.

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  • Welcome
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      • Got a request for a show host? Ping us both on Twitter
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  • Comic Fuel Wiki -
    • Jump-to times
    • Links to resources
    • Q&A
    • Instructions for submitting questions
  • Remember you can ask questions by visiting the How To Make A Comic Book MOOC

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To find out more about how to become a patron of makingcomics.Com, and make sure podcasts like comic fuel can continue to exist, please visit

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(00:00) Show Closing

(00:00) How can you, yes you, contribute to the comic fuel cause?

  • Tweet using the “#comicfuel”
  • Join, encourage, and participate in the “how to make a comic book” massive open online on coursera: []
  • I need help finding comicfuel. 3 ways to help:
    • Go through the Gutter Talk archives and find 2-5 minute story chunks email with the episode # & title with a timestamp for an individual chunk of fuel.
    • Search through public domain archives and find clips send me a link to the clip & documentation of it being in public domain again at
  • on one final note - we’d are looking for a volunteer to start transcribing our podcasts (including this one) if you are interested, again, email us at

(00:00) Show Outro

  • Music used within this podcast all came from the amazing “Dr. Turtle”. You can listen to more dr. Turtle by visiting his page on the free music archive. Titles and links to songs used are available in the notes for this show.
  • Adam greenfield, head of audio production at making comics worldwide, served as executive producer for this episode of the show.
  • The comic fuel podcast is a part of the makingcomic.Com gutter talk podcast channel brought to you by the making comics worldwide volunteer organization. You can find out more information on makingcomics.Com and making comics worldwide by visiting

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